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April 16, 2018

Hey, Y’all!

I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve been here to share some updates. That’s probably because this weather is causing me to reschedule so many of my shoots, and that doesn’t make me a happy camper. We got a taste of spring one day last week, so naturally, I had to bring out the camera with my friend, Emma!

As some of you may have read on my recent Facebook post on my personal page, there is a reason I am sharing this huge smile on my face. I will share in here as well…

“ As some of you know when I was in 4th grade I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Ever since then I have seen many different doctors, chiropractors, and PT’s. All which have told me, “you have a curve in your spine you are going to experience back pain for the rest of your life”. Iv been getting adjusted once a month, with the cracking & jolting of my body & it only fixed the pain temporarily, I wasn’t going to just settle on surgery.

Long story short, I am EVER so grateful I have a friend at school who pointed me in the direction of her dad whose a special chiropractor. So I thought, why not, let’s try something new… and oh my goodness, my life has been changed!!

Dr. Jim explained to me how my spine can be the root to so many other problems I have been dealing with in my body – digestion, headaches, poor sleep patterns, thyroid and of course back pain. He practices a whole different kind of adjusting to where he focuses on the nervous system & the pressure points in your body to “reset” those primary functions. After just two adjustments I feel like a brand new person, and I couldn’t be more relieved. He is not only caring for my back but my over all health as well.

After hearing from other doctors “I will always experience back pain” Dr. Jim has proved them wrong. Amen to good doctors that care & for a healthy body!!”

Dr Jim at The Health Docs is truly helping gain control back in my life. Reducing my back pain, stomach pain, stress, all the above. I couldn’t be more thankful to have found him!

As for school, I am truly enjoying my classes. I took on a heavier load this term, but I am finally taking my major classes – Communications. I am learning all about the ins & outs of social media, conflict resolution, as well as business & society!

I have also taken on a new job on campus. You are now looking at NCC’s newest campus tour guide! 🙂 I have so much fun being able to share all the great things about this school and especially be apart of a great group of people!

I am going to be sharing some new content on this blog, which I am SUPER excited about! One of the classes I am taking requires the students to write about 20 blog posts – well, I decided to get a little creative. So keep an eye out for some new content for each of my clients to enjoy. I can’t wait to share!


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