Sisters Trip 2018 || The Diplomat Beach Resort || Hollywood, FL


March 22, 2018

Well, this sisters trip was one for the books that is for sure Last year at this time Jessica & I decided to start a little tradition for us girls to go on vacation for my spring break. Just to get away and to have some much needed sisters time together…in the sun of course! Well, I’m glad we made it happen again this year. We headed out to Hollywood Florida to stay at the Diplomat Beach Resort. This resort was AH-mazing. Highly recommend if you are planning a vacation this summer! Jess and I have been raised to love the sun and the water. So we spent the day at the pool / ocean and at night out on the town! We did some good shopping & even better dining! From tacos to pasta to ribs, it was all amazing!

The trip is so important to us. Jess & I are just about 7 years apart, and all while growing up she has been a second mom to me, and as I grow older, my best friend. So as she has her own family, and I’m away at school, it is so wonderful to take a weekend away from our crazy lives to spend some sister time together. Doing what we love, soaking up the sun and creating endless memories together. We hope to carry this tradition for as long as we can!

We found a super cool chocolate / ice cream shop called “Hoffman’s” how cool!!

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