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April 18, 2018

Why headshots are important

Represent Yourself: I can’t stress the importance of a professional headshot for all of your social media sites and especially your corporate sites. One of the first things employers do now, especially during the application process, is check your social media to see who you are. It’s kind of like your first impression, which is pretty scary to think about! I promise (or swear) this little detail is what will set you apart from the next person applying for that same job. It shows that you are professional and legitimate. You don’t want to use a poorly lightened selfie or a picture that was taken at the bar. Be professional and you won’t regret it.

A boost of Self-Confidence: Everyone deserves to have a nice photograph of themselves. Whether it’s to use as your profile picture or to just share on Instagram with your friends and family. Having great hair and makeup done, and a brand new outfit on, all while getting a professional photo done will totally boost your self-confidence – 100%. Don’t be shy, get in front of the camera once, you might love it!

These lovely ladies below are all in the beauty industry together. They came together for their headshots and they turned out great. I can’t stress enough how awesome it was that they helped each other out. If a piece of hair was out of place, or a clothing garment needed adjusting they were there for each other. Not that I can’t notice those little things, but sometimes your friends know you the best! It was a blast working with these ladies and getting to know them. Go ahead and give them a follow on Instagram!

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