Tony & Alyssa’s Proposal | Rosemont, IL


February 14, 2020

What better post to be shared on Valentine’s Day!

Who doesn’t love a good proposal story? They are now my new favorite thing to shoot, I sincerely love the surprise & joy that this moment brings for the couple. I have done a few proposals in the past and this was the first one I was able to capture the whole thing with family and all! Tony did an incredible job planning this during the busy hockey season at Rosemont. The ice manager was so excited as this was his FIRST proposal he’d done on the ice here. The best part about it all is that their family & friends were watching above from the sky bar at The Park Taven. Alyssa had NO clue, and not to mention Tony planned this on his BIRTHDAY so that he could be sure to surprise his soon to be bride! Cheers to Tony & Alyssa as they enjoy this new season of life!

  1. Deb at Fuse says:

    Congratulations!!!! And the pics are awesome Jillian !! You sure did capture the moment!!! Best wishes All !!

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