What’s your favorite Podcast?


February 7, 2017

Hey guys!

So I am turing to you all for some suggestions. I read a blog post about 2 months ago about podcasting, and they wrote about some really good stations to listen to. I haven fallen in love with listening to Jenna Kutchers podcasts. She has given me so much inspiration to better myself as a person as well as a business owner.

I love learning new things, but I hate reading books and sitting in long boring lectures. I think listening to podcasts is really cool way to obtain knowledge. I love how I am able to multi task while listening, It keeps me SO motivated!

So… What are some of your favorite Podcasts??? It doesn’t have to be business or photography related. I would love to listen to new content and learn new things!

Im excited to hear back from you and listen to your favorite podcast!

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