Why I have been MIA…


January 30, 2017

Hey guys, long time no see…. literally. 

So, I have been missing in action on my page lately, and I have a LOT to explain! When the cold weather hits, photographers go into action behind the scenes of their business, and that’s exactly what I did….kinda. As most of you know I am away at school and LOVINNNG it.  Over Christmas break I was able to be home for a whole month. (Now that was a tease when it was time to come back). Over my long break I had a ton of family time, which I loved every single minute of. The biggest struggle of being away at school is being away from my family. During my long break I also revamped my website & blog, check it out & tell me what you think! I have been organizing myself for the upcoming season as well and I bought two planners, and a binder to keep everything in tact! (I love being organized) I also meet a new friend who is also a photographer through the great social media.  I was able to sit down and have coffee with her one day, she gave me so much inspiration! I got back to school about two weeks ago, and I committed to a big position in a club I am apart of here at school. I am apart of Benedictines Student Senate, I joined this club because it’s just like a student council but a step up. I never got to be apart of student council in high school, so I figured this was my chance. Well, when I came back to school my Committee Chair Leader (who is also my best friend) resigned and I got asked to step up! As honored as I was to take this position on as a freshmen, this is a huge commitment and I was nervous! But this is the stuff I love to do. I get to be the voice for my constituents for the College of Business, and I get to meet a lot of important business men and women. I am so excited to take on this new role because I know it is going to better me as a business student as well as a person.

This up coming season I am so excited to reach out to new seniors, families and couples to capture their special moments. I hope for nice weather and beautiful sunsets. As well for myself, I hope to travel with Chase and get some pictures done of ourselves! The warm season can’t come soon enough!!!



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