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July 8, 2024

Sam and Loren’s Wedding Day

They laugh because no one can truly remember how they first met.

Sam swears he met her on the train going to his very first day of class, saying he talked to a blonde girl in a red dress and instantly fell in love. But Loren swears she wasn’t on that train and the girl in the red dress is still out there 🙂

All jokes aside, here’s a bit more about their love story! Sam and Loren met at Loyola and became study partners early on. They spent the majority of their time in the basement of the library, so photos at that specific study table on the wedding day was a must.

Trekking through the Loyola library while Sam and Loren were in their wedding attire during the weekend of finals was quite the memory for me! I loved seeing students faces pop up from their study tables to see what we were up to!

Although Sam and Loren envisioned an intimate wedding with not a ton of focus on the little things, they still wowed their guests with the time and attention they put into their special day — from a beautiful Catholic ceremony at the Madona della Strada Chapel to a bright and vibrant spring palette at the Palm House.

The couple let their wedding party pick and choose their best attire for the day. Loren handpicked and designed everything from their bouquets, centerpieces, reception decor, and even their invitations. There was a life-sized crossword puzzle for their guests to fill out during cocktail hour filled with fun facts about them as a couple.

They also had framed photos put out of their extended family members from their wedding days, and of course, I can’t forget how Sam and Loren passed out handwritten letters for every single guest to read as they entered the reception. Such a thoughtful sentiment!

The one thing I learned about their wedding day pretty early on was their choice of entertainment: Howl at the Moon’s dueling pianos! We included the bar off Hubbard Street during their engagement session, which was such a vibe, but they really brought the entertainment on the wedding day.

The guests danced all night long, and I know Sam and Loren didn’t get off that dance floor the entire night. The band members did an incredible job and it was so fun working with them!

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