Chicago Skyline Engagement


January 24, 2022

The spot is one of my absolute favorite places in the city of Chicago! This isn’t easy to say as there are so many incredible spots in this gorgeous city. Calysta and Angelo’s engagement session was so unique in their own way. My favorite part during an engagement session is right after the first 15 minutes of when the session starts and the couple starts to feel the nervous jitters melt away. That is the sweet spot when they start showing their true colors with one another and almost forget I have a camera pointing at them! Of course, I love to give cues to get those candid shots but sometimes when it happens genuinely without a cue from me is when the shot comes out perfect every time. 

Calysta & Angelo had no problem at being themselves and this may be why I absolutely adore their images! What can I say, they made my job easy the night of their engagement session. We couldn’t have asked for a better night for the Chicago skyline and a perfect sunset!

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