Sister’s Trip 2019 || La Jolla, California


August 13, 2019

Wine country, holllaa. If you’ve followed me along in the past couple years sister trip usually takes place in the early spring during my spring break. So, with 2019 being the year I turned 21, we had to wait til after May to enjoy the sisters trip a little bit more 😉 Thankfully, we found a weekend for both of us to take off and spend time with one another. These trips are much needed time away from the crazy lives we live. Jessica, being a mom, wife, and one kick-butt sales supervisor she deserves all the relaxation she can get… and for me, I am just about to head back to school and dive deep into busy season with weddings. This was a much needed trip to recharge so that I can be ready to take this busy season on full force.

This trip was one of a kind. I’d like to say we did it ALL in just 3 days but that’s impossible. We definitely made the most out of this trip. Usually our trips take place at a resort in Florida where we just soak up the sun and the beach for a straight 72 hours. This time we had to switch it up. We had to see what the California wine was all about.

We got into SAN at about 8 am Friday morning and had a quick drive over to La Jolla where we stayed. We decided to grab some breakfast at this outdoor mall about a mile from the hotel. As we walked down the hill from our hotel, there were two bird scooters waiting on the corner. Like it was so meant to be… being first timers and seeing them all over at my last trip in Colorado, we had to do it. We looked like total tourist on these things as we were lost and going up and down the same street trying to find our way around, haha! Highly recommend if you ever come across those rentable scooters!

That same night we took off to Temecula to check out their wine country. We rode up the small mountain (nothing like Colorado mountains) to this beautiful winery called Callaway. The view was like nothing I’v ever seen before, it was indescribable. We enjoyed an amazing dinner out there and wine to bring back home!

After all the recommendations from our Uber drivers and the other locals we chatted with, we decided to jam pack our Saturday with three different places to visit. We started our morning at La Jolla cove at a beautiful breakfast bar. So yummy, but phew the smell of the beach was interesting (in the nicest way possible). The view of those beach was incredible but its home to sea lions and seals. Not the most pleasant experience, ahh! Then we headed to Pacific Beach. Such a tourist place, where we snagged our Cali gear and enjoyed some good food. We tried out Board n’ Brew, then turned the corner and went to Baked Bear, which was an ice cream sandwich joint. Both were AH-mazing! Oh then, we came across a bead store, where you can create your own jewelry. So we went in with the mindset of making my niece Nora a bracelet. Then, Jess & I couldn’t help ourselves to make an anklet. It was the cutest little shop on the beach.

At night, we then headed out to Gas Lamp district. A downtown area with tons of bars and restaurants. We were recommended a Mexican style restaurant which was so authentic and SO delicious. Lots of guac, tacos and margs were consumed during our time there. Then our next stop was a country bar and the rest of the night was history.

Sunday morning we slept in…. enjoyed a cute local breakfast place back by the beach, then relaxed ALL DAY. Finally had a pool day to soak up the California sun. Not only was it our last day there, but it was ACTUALLY national sisters day! IF that just wasn’t meant to be!

This trip was in my mind, the best one yet. Although we did SO much, it was so worth exploring this beautiful state and being able to enjoy a new atmosphere! Another place checked off the bucket list with my sis!

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