Missy & Ava Dance || Wheaton, IL


June 20, 2018

I stepped a little outside my comfort zone with this one. I have never done a dance session before but I knew these two would make it easy for me. It might have taken us almost a year to get these scheduled…seriously but it was worth it! We kept scheduling and rescheduling because the weather kept playing with us. Luckily we got a beautiful Friday night out in Wheaton. It might have been a little warm, but I would take that over no sunshine. I had a blast with these girls, and i’m so grateful to been able to capture their senior pictures and now dance pictures. I wish them the BEST of luck in Wisconsin in the Fall, where they will both be studying dance. Clearly, they are in the right profession.

I loved watching these two work together for their poses. I swear they are two peas in a pod, that could read one another’s mind. Talk about the best of friends.

  1. Tara Ferrier says:

    Stunning girls and beautiful photography! Jillian is amazing! Thank you so much!

  2. Medine says:

    OMG this venue, their legs, and those last two pictures!!! In love

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