Amanda Crowley || Manteno High School || 2019 Senior


June 11, 2018

This day was nothing but wonderful. Leading up to Saturday we were anticipating rain, but we got so lucky with sunshine and warm weather. Amanda started her day at Fuse Salon in Frankfort getting her hair and makeup done by Courtney and Erin. They did a wonderful job making Amanda feel good for her senior pictures. You can read all about why this is important here!

Amanda didn’t waste any time warming up in front of the camera. Her smiles were genuine and her laughs were on point. From the homegrown to the flower child look, she pulled them all off. Amanda brought along her friend Lanie, and I brought along my friend Ramsey to help us out. It takes a team, let me tell ya!

From start to finish Amanda was killin’ it. I am so glad we will be shooting again soon!