Unplugged Wedding Ceremony


May 30, 2018

Im here to challenge you to get your guests to put their phones away for 25 minutes during your ceremony, do you think you could do it?! I know in this day in age, its hard for people to put down the phone for longer than that, trust me, I’m guilty of it too. But let me tell you why I believe this is SO important.

A wedding ceremony is a brief intimate time, your guests should enjoy it with you. From the beginning of the ceremony, everyone is patiently waiting for the bride to walk down the isle. But, as soon as she does, everyones breaks out the phone with arms extended in the aisle, potentially getting in the way of the hired photographer. What bride wants to see a bunch of cameras pointed at her during this memorable time? I know I wouldn’t! I would want to see the smiling faces of those that I wanted to be there.

A new trend has started to have an Unplugged ceremony. This is where you ask everyone at the ceremony to turn off their phones and cameras during this time to prevent interruption. Now, how do you get the message across to your guests? Leave it to Pinterest! There are tons of ideas out there of wordage on how to make this happen.

All of my future brides know the importance of this and are so glad I told them about it, so I thought I would share with you all as well!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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