Amanda & Jason Engagement || Momence, IL


May 30, 2018

Where to begin with this amazing couple. When Amanda contacted me I was over joyed with her sweet messages. When we began planning their engagement session, Amanda had mentioned something about a chive field out where they lived. Not knowing what a chive field consisted of I looked it up and holy cow, my little photography heart jumped.

They stressed to me how much they wanted to capture the true emotions between one another. I started off their session with telling them to have fun, be themselves, and share those emotions they wanted me to capture. They truly made my job so easy. They got into the poses they wanted to do, and they shared smiles, and big laughs without me telling them to do so. It was wonderful.

The farm, and the chive field was just an added bonus! I had no problem taking the little red jeep through some gravel and mud to get there.

I have a feeling their wedding day will be just as wonderful! 🙂

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