Nora Lee is THREE! || Manteno, IL

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May 29, 2018

Where did my peanut go?!

In case some of you don’t know…Nora Lee is my sweet niece, annndd my only niece! This little one has had my heart since the day she was born. These past three years have been full of laughs, and happiness thanks to her. Her little giggle and sweet voice can really tug at your heart strings.

Nora & I captured these right as there was a big rain cloud over us but that didn’t stop us! As you can see Nora has a BIG personality, and she is just a ball of fun. It has been so great to rewatch all the videos we have taken of her in the past 3 years and see how much she has grown. It amazes me.

This sassy one is three, going onto 23. Happy Birthday, Nora Lee!!

If you keep an eye out,  I might share some of the goofier ones soon 🙂