Life Update || Feb 9th, 2018


February 9, 2018

Hey y’all,

I have realized I have been MIA with sharing a little bit about me. Well, with the new year…..I’m gonna say it….. there’s a new me. There has been a change in my life that has been an eye-opener, and heartache at the same time. But, like I said this new year brings a new focused me. I am motivated by being the best version of myself and reaching the goals I have set for myself. I rang in the new year with purchasing my very own car! I was blessed when I turned 16 with a Chevy Cruze that I adored. But, for as much as I travel now, I wanted to upgrade to a bigger size, just to feel extra safe and comfortable. So I said goodbye to my first ever car and hello to my new ruby red Jeep Compass! Fun Fact, I really only wanted a Chevy Cruze when I was 16 because I was OBSESSED with the song Cruise by FGL…I can not make this up.

 I can't believe I am re-surfacing that image on the left..... (good ole HS homecoming week) I can’t believe I am re-surfacing that image on the left….. (good ole HS homecoming week)

Anyways, I can thank my friends/family and school for keeping me so busy. I have been back at school for about 6 weeks now, which is SO crazy because that means I am halfway done with Sophomore year. While I have been back at school, I got to celebrate my dear roommate/ friend’s 21st birthday in Downtown Naperville, which was a blast! These are the girls I surround myself with most while at school and let me tell ya, bless their hearts for putting up with me, haha!

I also got to celebrate another 21st birthday at a Hawks game with my sweet friend, Nelle! Which was a blast! If you’ve never been to a Blackhawks game I highly recommend going once!

Last weekend I got to bring my sweet friend Emma home with me. Emma & I met last year and now we live 3 doors down from each other at NCC. She got to see all the awesome things about Manteno and meet my family! It was so great having her!

 This is Emma & this is how I feel about the snow vs her... This is Emma & this is how I feel about the snow vs her…

So, there’s a little update on my life and whats been going on! I promise the next one won’t be this long! 🙂 But I appreciate it if you have kept reading this far! I hope everyone has a great weekend & stay warm!!

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