Kulacz Family Farm || Manteno, IL


November 12, 2017

Oh, how I love this barn and the new owners! Little story time, this red barn is super close to my home in Manteno, and it had always caught my eye when I drove past it on the country roads. I took a friend out there to check it out about 2 years ago and I was in love! This barn has been in Manteno for a really long time, my dad remembers playing in it when he was a little kid. When I checked it out it was completely abandoned with an empty house next to it, a little creepy not going to lie! The grounds hadn’t been touched for quit a while but it was up for sale. I told my mom that this would be the land I would LOVE to live on in the future, and I may have been trying to convince mom & dad to buy it! 🙂  I loved everything about it. I started taking more and more pictures out there & a good friend of ours had told us that her parents bought the land and would be fixing it up. I was a little heartbroken, BUT super grateful that the barn was in good hands. The Kulacz’s have been friends of ours for as long as I can remember. I grew up hanging out with their family as Jenna & my sister were friends all throughout school. We all go waay back! 😉

I am SO thankful that the Kulacz’s allow me to continue to shoot on their beautiful land & now finally they have their own family pictures with the barn! I get so inspired out there when its just the camera and me. I am anxious to see the renovations when John is completed with it. I just know he will make that place amazing!!

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