Ava 2018 || Peotone High school Senior


August 18, 2017

My goodness!! I knew I had to take this girl to this new found spot with her beautiful hair color and these awesome colored flowers.  I am just so blown away at how well this park is kept so beautiful and of course well gardened! Miss Ava didn’t miss a beat all night, she kept a beautiful smile on her face the whole time. I told her at the end of her shoot that I was really impressed at how she wanted to keep going and didn’t get tired, she told me she loves getting her pictures taken. Which I can relate!! It is so much fun to be posing in front of a camera and being surrounded by beautiful scenery. ALSO, I am giving out my first ever Jillian Photography Senior Award to Ava for the “Quickest Outfit Changer Ever”. FOR REAL, I usually add a little extra time for my senior girls for outfit changes, well this girl literally did it in 10 seconds, no joke AND every time we changed we stuck her in a little corner for privacy, so double points for being a trooper!! A big thank you to Ava’s mom for tagging along and helping me come up with some cool ideas. As well as Missy, Ava’s best friend for carrying around the clothes & the makeup for touch ups 🙂 I loved how simple her outfits were as they complimented herself and the scenery so well. She did a great job on her makeup, too! If you don’t know Ava, she is a very talented Dancer and you can tell in the pictures as her poise is just beautiful!

Ava, I am so excited to be sharing these sneak peaks and I am even MORE excited to deliver the whole gallery!! You did an amazing job & good luck on your senior year & keep dancing!

  1. Tara says:

    We had so much fun working with you! Thank you for all of your kind words!! Gorgeous pictures!!!!

  2. Kathy Handen says:

    Ava. You look beautiful!

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