Jace, Maggie & Avery Jo!


June 20, 2017

My cousins Jace & Maggie had their first family pictures together in the city. They have an adorable little girl who is almost ONE, Cant believe it. Can’t thank my aunt for tagging along for making Avery smile so big!

As you can see we took their first pictures in their newly renovated kitchen, where they will host & share lots of memories in! We then headed out to Chicago, where Jace & Maggie spent a lot of their time when they both lived up there! Maggie & Jace met in Chicago, and when Maggie went to meet Jace for their first date, Maggie swore she was getting Catfished! But that date lead to marriage & a sweet baby girl Avery Jo (which they named her after the Greys characters..SO COOL) I was so honored to capture their first family pictures in their favorite city.  I hope they will cherish these images forever as there were a lot of sentimental details with this shoot!

  1. Estevab says:

    Wow what a kitchen, couple, & baby. The trifecta

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