Nora Lee is TWO sweet!!


May 22, 2017

Nora’s gonna be Two, Two, Two, Two, Two!!! If anyone has been around miss Nora the past month she has been dancing to this little chant about her turning two real soon!! Her party theme is “It’s sweet to be two!” So Jessica & I planned this set up accordingly with some sweets. Well, it must of been the candy that got Nora excited, because she has never done so well during a shoot before. Once she started eating them, we kinndaaa couldn’t get her to stop, haha! But I am so glad she had fun during this shoot & she did not shy away from the camera! Miss Nora Lee I cant believe you are going to be TWO!!

xoxo, Auntie Jillian

The picture on the right is her doing her little dance “Two, two, two, two, two” “Is mommy looking???”

 This little girl & her facial expressions!!  This little girl & her facial expressions!!

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