Eleanor’s ONE!


March 29, 2017

Guys! One of my newborn babies is already one!! Ellie is Chases niece, and even though he has a lot of nieces and nephews, Ellie is one that I have been able to watch grow from the beginning and take her pictures to capture her milestones!

So believe it or not, Ellie was a shy little thing and wasn’t quit comfortable in the studio environment….at first. Chase, being the awesome Uncle that he is, knew that Ellie LOVES puppies and that would get her to smile. JAYLA TO THE RESCUE! We brought down one of my most loving puppies out, out of the three we have! Haha! Ellie had a BLAST.

Oh and before you take a look at the pictures & wonder why it was St. Patricks themed, sweet Eleanor was born on St. Patrick day! And what is even better, Ellie’s sister was born on Valentines day. How awesome is that!

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