I’m Jillian! But, most call me Jill!

I am so happy you are here! I am just a small town, twenty-something girl living her best life while shopping on her days off and listening to country music any chance she can get.

There's never a day I go without putting on my own concert, whether it’s in my jeep or in the middle of a store. I live for the weekends, you can catch me in Downtown Naperville enjoying some good tacos or BBQ with friends, or back home with my favorite people enjoying a home-cooked meal. No matter where I’m at, by the end of the night this girl without a doubt looks forward to throwing her hair up in a top knot and putting on those go-to sweats to watch friends on Netflix!

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Growing up I wasn’t the one that ever dreamed of being a teacher or a veterinarian. I never really knew what I wanted to be. But, something I did do was ask for a new camera every year for my birthday or Christmas. I always enjoyed capturing memories for my friends and family.  

In high school, I was a Varsity cheerleader all 4 years and when I turned 16, I started my first job. In between cheer practice and competitions, I would be juggling school work and a retail job. It was then that my eyes opened up to a new adventure. I learned I didn’t want to want to work in the retail world anymore. That is was when I picked up my first big girl camera and the business part came along.

During my senior year, I met an inspiring photographer, who I was actually related to (small world, right?). He traveled the WORLD photographing weddings and doing portrait work. After one small conversation with him for the first time in my life, I felt like I knew what I wanted to do.

I have now had the privilege of photographing a wedding with this photographer and I have my FIRST destination wedding booked for 2019! I am currently in my fourth year of business, I have photographed over 25 weddings and countless portrait sessions. I look forward to hearing from you whether a bride, groom, a senior or just a friend who wants to grab a coffee and chat!

I’m not just a wedding and senior photographer, I wear many hats in my life. I am a college student, daughter, sister, friend, and (most importantly) an aunt. I am currently in my junior year at North Central College in Naperville, IL - but don't let that scare you away, this is my true passion.  

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things you should know...

On my day off you will find me shopping at little boutiques like Altar'd Sate, Edies, or Lululemon but Target is my go to on a stressful day.

Although I love dressing up for a girls night out, I can appreciate going home early to throw the hair up in a bun and put on those sweats.

I am a concert junkie, my first concert was the Dixie Chicks when I was 7 ( can I get some Wide Open spaces on Karaoke, please?) and I can’t count how many concerts I have been to since.

My go-to vacation is the BEACH. Give me the sand, the sea, and the SUN! I love it all.

My favorite human is my niece, Nora Lee. If you follow me on social media, you might think she’s actually mine.